Opinions of Words

Gossiping has long been a way to connect with peers. As humans, we have this deep desire to connect with others and we find strange ways to do it.

Most individuals justify these gossip based conversations as “venting”, seeming to believe that expressing these feelings with a peer will ease tension or gain the trust of the listening party. If the listener agrees with you, it makes it valid, right?

As humans we also have a deep desire for others to trust us. Sharing a secret makes us vulnerable and shows that we are willing to connect on a deeper level. If we treat gossip as a secret, we’ve instantly asked the other individual to trust us.

But what do you gain? Do you suppose that your newly found level of trust will have bonded you for life? Or perhaps you just let on how untrustworthy you may be, seeing those tiny secrets slip from one party to the next.

It’s debatable. The moral content weights heavy on the gain vs. loose aspect. But which do you side with?

I am as guilty as the next for taking part in these interactions, especially if it provokes an old fashioned belly laugh. However, I wholeheartedly feel that elevating our topic of talk is important.

I believe that celebrating our people, the humans whom we choose to spend our time with is the best thing we could do.

I want to see people deep down happy for the individuals around them, thus creating a lasting positive impression in our social relationships and creating quality interactions that leave us feeling good.

There is something to be said for smiling at strangers, holding a door for someone, and elevating our topic of talk on social platforms. Why not go the extra mile to cultivate kindness and plant the roots for solid relationships?


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