Need I say more?

Oh the nostalgia that accompanies a hop cup of coffee. I find it amazing that one simple pleasure can bring so much joy to ones being. Each season of life brings a new joy to coffee for me.

My first job was in a family owned coffee house. I have such fond memories surrounding this season. I have been saying for years that before I retire I want to open my own coffee shop. You know, one day when I live in a single place and have time for that.

The smell of fresh ground espresso just makes my heart leap. I have always been a fan of good coffee but my taste has changed over the years. As I got a bit older I preferred my coffee black, fast forward to modern day and I will gladly enjoy a brew with half and half. I’ve personally never been one for sugar.

My daily  routine consists of waking much too early so that I can sit and enjoy a hot cup of coffee. I feel it is the best way to take in the simple joys of an early morning. There is something special about a sunrise with coffee, it is the prettiest part of the day, if you ask me.

I have always felt that the morning is an excellent time for reflection. I enjoy reflecting on the past week, recent exciting events, and the goals I am pursuing. I find something so peaceful about the quiet time before the world wakes up in a hurry.

When I smell coffee, I am instantly reminded of the friendships that have bonded over a shared brew. I am reminded of the women who fellowship over joint emotions and believe in the pure goodness of each other. These are the humans who build each other up and celebrate the good life together.

For me, nostalgia consists of quality times; hanging out on porches with my people, coffee and pie by the fire, or  a mid-day break from work. I feel a sense of calm when I take a break from the busy day and sit for a brief moment with a fresh cup of coffee. It is a renewal of emotions for me, a clean slate.

When I worked in medicine, coffee breaks were celebrated. I would ask my staff to take a break and come to my office. We would sit for a while and just enjoy the moment before the afternoon rush hit. Our coffee dates were priceless, we had conversations that were odd, incredibly funny, but most of all sincere. There has to be a time when work gets set aside and people can just be people. Coffee dates were our time.

Side bar: if you are in management, please make sure you understand and honor this; the individuals who report to you are priceless. Don’t think for one moment that you could do it without them. Leadership is walking behind a person and leading them to success, all the while giving them your best self too. Make time to celebrate your people, drink coffee with them, and be weird. Of all my memories, these are the best.

Now, of all the things in life that I get to enjoy, coffee continues to land at the top of my list. I believe in the pureness of a simple brew, the wholeness of a happy heart, and time spent sharing these feelings with old friends and new friends alike. I believe that the feeling of nostalgia is worth a thousand words.

I vowed long ago to only do what makes my soul happy, and I have found quite a bit of happiness in my cup.



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