Half-full, or spilling over?

I’m going to take a brief moment to set the scene. Imagine walking through mud, you know, the sticky mud that is slippery and so thick you have to take one step at a time, very slowly or you might walk out of your muck boot and do a belly flop.

Now imagine that it’s also snowing, but the temperature is hovering at 32 degrees so you are soaking wet because the moment the snow flakes touch you they melt.

During this very moment you are shoveling 6 inch rock and gravel out of your pickup and your shoulders are incredibly sore because this is the fifth load of rock you’ve unloaded since yesterday, and you’ve been busy digging irrigation trenches all week.

I’m going to say it, my glass is running over the brim with appreciation and happiness even in that very moment that I was knee deep in a puddle of mud and the fingers of my favorite gloves were worn completely through.

Perspective is everything. Do you feel like you make the most of your days? That you wake up happy in a life you have created for yourself?

You see, I choose this life. I chose to work outside today, I wasn’t forced. It was my decision to unload the gravel myself instead of having it delivered. I don’t see why I should pay someone else to do something I am capable of accomplishing.

Better yet, I might as well toss the keys to most of our vehicles aside. I haven’t drove a nice car in weeks because I’ll choose to drive the old Ford farm truck to town any day of the week. There is nothing better than blending in and being humble. That truck has seen better days with shiny paint but I love the way it looks. Who am I trying to impress anyhow.

I can’t imagine going back to living in a big city. The thought of taking the freeway to work again just kills me. Jockeying for a better position in line at the grocery store, or waiting at red lights is not something you could pay me to do. I am so grateful that there are more simple ways to live than in the rat race I remember all too well.

So when anyone asks if I am tired of working outside, doing chores, or miss the day-to-day life I once knew, I’ll remind them that it’s a hard pass. I’ll be here, enjoying the spring melt and mud. I mean how could you beat a view like this.

This is the life I have created. I wake up happy, knowing that there is no place I would rather be. Not only do I have the best view while working, I keep entertained with tunes on the George Strait station, and I know that when I get my chores done there is a delicious beer in the fridge waiting for me.

This glass is spilling over.


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