Amidst the Chaos

I want to remember this moment in time. The uncertainty, the panic, and the pure chaos. I am certain that this interlude will be memorable throughout history although I am not sure what we will deem its official title to be. Will we remember it as the bath tissue epidemic of 2020? The day the food crisis set in? Maybe just call it what it is, Covid-19.

As the world begins to scramble I sit entirely still, not changing a thing. I don’t have a high horse to sit on, it’s not as if I am above the rest in this situation, I simply don’t panic under pressure. I haven’t rushed to the grocery store to fight over hand sanitizer, or body checked the guy beside me for the last sack of Russet potatoes. I am sitting on my sofa, observing the meltdowns on social media and scratching my head in awe of the masses gone wild.

For years, Dusty and I have had the same conversation each time we visit a jam packed freeway in California. Looking around at the sea of houses, the hundreds of cars in each direction, we discuss the details of what could become a gridlocked exit should an epidemic present itself. It is only a matter of time that some emergency will arise; it could be a fire, earthquake, tsunami, or as we find ourselves today in the midst of a global pandemic.

Now I am not in California to witness the gridlock, or lack there of, after Governor Gavin Newsom issued an order for 40 million people to stay home with the exception of essential travel only. However, I see photos of the empty grocery isles and continue to watch the meltdowns on social media. What a wild time to be living in.

What I want people to remember most about this time is the fear that accompanies the lack of groceries in the market. I want people to remember how foolish they act under pressure and the true colors that shine when the ability to reason is fleeting and anger sets in. What I want most is for the individuals living in fear to see the a glimpse of what relying on a union feels like.

Again, I don’t fit into the fear category. My soapbox and I have confidence that all will be right in the world again, but I have a tiny bit of hope that the Americans who don’t understand what our nation is built on, might search for those answers. Let this be a taste of what it would feel like if our freedoms were taken and socialism set in. Could these individuals imagine what it would feel like if the bare isles of groceries were as good as it gets? That when those groceries run out, they have to stand in a line to get their piece of the pie?

I don’t want a moment of “I told you so”. I deep down want Americans to join hands and come together during trying times, and to celebrate each other for accomplishing hard things. I want Americans to remember this time of fear when they vote for stricter gun laws and more tax. I want Americans to understand that less really is more. Now, most will say that this is an irrelevant topic during this time, but I remain firm that it all translates. Americans would be better prepared if they relied less on the government and more on their freedoms.

However, I will leave you with a positive note, I have witnessed an incredible amount of people rallying around each other, helping to ensure that our elders are taken care of and neighbors are safe and sound. I really believe that there are good people who would bend over backwards to see the health and happiness of someone else take the front seat. After all, that is what humanity is about.

Remembering that we are all in this together, I offer a last bit of advice. If you feel stuck inside overwhelmed with anxiety, do yourself a favor and explore your back yard. It doesn’t matter what your scenery is, fresh air does a body good. I am happiest when I am rolling around in the dirt and I encourage you to give it a try.


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